Behavioural profiler

Sarah is an Accredited Trainer and Consultant in Extended DiSC Behavioural Profiling. The Extended DiSC profiling system changes how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Having conducted multiple profiles for business owners and their teams, Sarah brings not only her profiling skills but also her human behaviour expertise and knowledge to every profile unpack. Having the ability to not only identify strengths and development areas, but also giving the client new tools and strategies to grow from.

Extended DISC is used all around the world and is an online questionnaire developed to extend our understanding of human behaviour. Extended DiSC takes profiling further by showing our ‘natural’ behavioural style and our ‘learned’ behavioural style. This powerful tool is used to maximise individual development, engagement and effectiveness.

Reports are easy-to-read, reliable and give new insights into an individual or a team.


What Sarah Can Do For You

Extended Disk Profiling System

Extended DISC is one of the leading providers of psychometric testing in Australia.

Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis assessment tools are designed to provide user-friendly information that changes the way individuals communicate, behave and work together both professionally and personally.

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How It Assists

The Extended DISC Assessment assists business owners in 3 specific ways.

See how this assessment can assist you in selecting staff to hire as well as retain and motivate current staff.

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Our Process

To learn more about you and your team members and to increase productivity, team engagement and results is simple.

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