Coach and trainer

Sarah spent over 20 years in the workforce gathering experience and expertise in areas including leadership, marketing and business strategy before starting her own business.

Working across corporate, not for profit, government and small business, Sarah brings a catalogue of wisdom to business owners and their teams.

When working privately with Sarah you will get her no holds barred approach to pushing you and your team to where you want to go. Sarah combines her business strategy, behavioural profiling, communication and leadership expertise together to move the business and the team in a positive direction.

Sarah’s insights into human behaviour paves the way for personal growth which in turn creates better business results. Passionate about business owners finding their ‘why’, Sarah works with clients to rediscover their passion, find clarity in what they stand for as a business, implement efficient and effective systems to support the desired outcomes and create a mindset that supports growth and success.

See below for the different ways you can engage Sarah:

What Sarah Can Do For You

Behaviour Profiling

Sarah is an Accredited Trainer and Consultant in Extended DiSC Behavioural Profiling. The Extended DiSC profiling system changes how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Having conducted multiple profiles for business owners and their teams, Sarah brings not only her profiling skills but also her human behaviour expertise and knowledge to every profile unpack.

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Sarah facilitates workshops for business owners and their teams all over Australia.

Engaging participants from start to finish, taking them through the session with interaction, laughter and eye opening insights. Workshops are tailor made to meet the needs of your business.

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Strategy Day

Get ready to work hard, be challenged and end up with a reinvigorated approach to your business.

On this strategy day Sarah takes you on a journey from why you are in business, what you want the business to look like, what your business stands for and what are some clear achievable results you want to work towards.

What’s different about Sarah’s approach is that she doesn’t follow a textbook formula. She works with you, as an individual nurturing what you have created and expanding on it even more. She is known for her direct style with no other intention than seeing you achieve the results you want in your business and life.

Sarah challenges your beliefs and works with you to create a mindset that supports your growth and success. By the end of the day, you will have clarity, direction and purpose. And you will have the tools to take the next step.


Ongoing Coaching

Results and change doesn’t always happen straight away, no matter what people say. Success comes from taking steps, having persistence and resilience and working hard. There is no magic pill.

Sarah has worked with many businesses over a number of years and has seen that positive change and success comes over a period of time. In Sarah’s experience six months is a minimum to really see the rubber hit the road and for most it’s a 12 month or longer journey.

Engaging Sarah for the medium to long term gives you the support, accountability, and challenges needed to grow to where you want the business to grow to. Sarah is there, one on one nurturing you, your team and your business. She doesn’t do webinars or generic workbooks for the masses, she listens to you and your challenges that are unique and deserve one on one attention.

Sarah has clients all over Australia and combines face-to-face visits with skype or phone calls in-between. She offers unlimited email support and has a library of resources and connections to bring to your business.