Changing Gears – The art of leading yourself and others

We cannot lead others until we can lead ourselves. This workshop explores the keys to self-leadership and leading others. Understanding the importance of purpose, taking responsibility, owning our actions, overcoming sabotage and procrastination and being clear on the results are some of the areas investigated in this thought provoking and insightful workshop.

  • Identifying your mission and how to align it with your work
  • Overcoming fear and procrastination
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Inspiring and motivating people to high performance
  • Switching on laser focus and getting results quickly
  • Unleashing potential in yourself and others around you

Sarah’s ability to challenge the leadership thought process was every impressive. Identifying some of the most simple and effective personal changes to make to become a better leader was great. Great vibe, lots of laughs and plenty of food for thought.” Kyle, Rip Curl Australia