The Extended DISC System

Extended DISC is one of the leading providers of psychometric testing in Australia. Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis assessment tools are designed to provide user-friendly information that changes the way individuals communicate, behave and work together both professionally and personally.

As human beings we are all unique. We have our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences often cause challenges in our professional and personal lives. Through Extended DISC’s psychometric tests we can understand how we are different and how we can effectively interact with other behavioural styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance.

The Extended DISC psychometric tools are most commonly used for:

  • Recruitment and Retention of staff
  • Motivation of staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Improve communication and team dynamics

The Extended DISC System is designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organisational performance. It provides customised and powerful reports on individuals, teams and organisations. However, Extended DISC is much more than a set of assessment tools. Although assessments have proven to be very beneficial in numerous applications, assessments alone have a limited impact on performance. It is only when the information from the assessments is applied in practice that the value is created.

The Extended DISC System can be compared to a road map. If we do not know where we are, it is obviously very difficult to reach our destination. However, simply knowing our current location is not much better if we do not have any idea in which direction to proceed. Maps provide us with a frame of reference to make intelligent decisions as to where we need to go. Extended DISC provides us a framework to help us to make the necessary adjustments at the individual, team and organisational levels to achieve our objectives.

Extended DISC is based on the premise that there are no good or bad people – there are only different people. We all have the opportunity to improve ourselves by learning to recognise our personalities’ strengths and weaknesses, by accepting their existence and by searching for new ways to capitalise on them.