Sarah facilitates workshops for business owners and their teams all over Australia. Engaging participants from start to finish, taking them through the session with interaction, laughter and eye opening insights.

Workshops are tailor made to meet the needs of your business.

Sessions can be from 2 hours through to 2-3 days.

Everything is included –

  • Creating the session under consultation with you
  • Writing and producing the training documents
  • Delivering training
  • All materials

We can also assist you with finding an appropriate venue if you require.

Contact Sarah to have a chat about your requirements.

What Sarah Can Do For You


Changing Gears – The art of leading yourself and others.

We cannot lead others until we can lead ourselves. This workshop explores the keys to self-leadership and leading others. Understanding the importance of purpose, taking responsibility, owning our actions, overcoming sabotage and procrastination and being clear on the results are some of the areas investigated in this thought provoking and insightful workshop.

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Purpose Passion Vision

This workshop is specifically designed for business owners who want to reconnect with why they are in business and be challenged to think bigger. Often as business owners we can feel like the mouse running around the wheel, forever busy but not moving forward. This workshop creates the space to work on the business and start to create a vision for the businesses future.

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