Behavioural profiling

Sarah is a Level 2 Accredited Trainer and Consultant in Extended DiSC Behavioural Profiling.

The Extended DiSC profiling system changes how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Having conducted 100’s of profiles for business owners, leaders and their teams, Sarah brings not only her profiling skills but also her human behaviour expertise and knowledge to every profile unpack. Having the ability to not only identify strengths and development areas, but also giving the client new tools and strategies to grow from.

Extended DISC is used all around the world and is an online questionnaire developed to extend our understanding of human behaviour. Extended DiSC takes profiling further by showing our ‘natural’ behavioural style and our ‘learned’ behavioural style. This powerful tool is used to maximise individual development, engagement and effectiveness.

Reports are easy-to-read, reliable and give new insights into an individual or a team.

Profiling has been exceptionally valuable for HiQA in the areas of hiring, training and identifying improvement areas for our leaders. Luke Myall, Managing Director HIQA Geotechnical

Extended DISC is one of the leading providers of psychometric testing in Australia.

Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis assessment tools are designed to provide user-friendly information that changes the way
individuals communicate, behave and work together both professionally and personally.

As human beings we are all unique. We have our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences often cause challenges in our professional and personal lives. Through Extended DISC’s psychometric tests we can understand how we are different and how we can effectively interact with other behavioural styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance.

The Extended DISC psychometric tools are most commonly used for:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Foundation for a leadership development plan
  • Recruitment and Retention of staff
  • Motivation of staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Improve communication and team dynamics


We have had all of our leaders’ Behavioural Profiles completed by Sarah which demonstrates the strengths of each person within the business which has helped build relationships within the team and strengthen the professional partnerships of all our leaders. Deb Ryan, Owner Complete Kids ELC


The Extended DISC System is designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance individual, team and
organisational performance. It provides customised and powerful reports on individuals, teams and organisations. However, Extended DISC is much more than a set of assessment tools. Although assessments have proven to be very beneficial in numerous applications, assessments alone have a limited impact on performance. It is only when the information from the assessments is applied in practice that the value is created.



The Extended DISC System can be compared to a road map. If we do not know where we are, it is obviously very difficult to reach our destination. However, simply knowing our current location is not much better if we do not have any idea in which direction to proceed. Maps provide us with a frame of reference to make intelligent decisions as to where we need to go.

Extended DISC provides us a framework to help us to make the necessary adjustments at the individual, team and organisational levels to achieve our objectives.

Extended DISC is based on the premise that there are no good or bad people – there are only different people. We all have the opportunity to improve ourselves by learning to recognise our personalities’ strengths and weaknesses, by accepting their existence and by searching for new ways to capitalise on them.

What Sarah Can Do For You


Extended DISC gives insights into the individual and team.

The Extended DISC report can be adapted for any role. As a leader there is an extensive Leadership profile offering over 30 pages of deep insights into the persons leadership style and areas for development.

Once a team has completed the profile and had their individual unpack with Sarah, a team analysis can be created. This shows the dynamic of the team and gives the team the insight into how each other member ticks. Very powerful to create better communication, reduce conflict and play to peoples strengths.


How It Assists

The Extended DISC Assessment assists in 3 specific ways.


The use of the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report will ensure that the behavioural style of the candidate meets the job requirement. It does not measure professional ability but it will identify the applicant’s natural unconscious behavioural style. There is also the Job Analysis Report which correctly identifies the job requirements enabling the measurement of the applicant’s natural inclination against the job requirement.

  • Whether the behavioural style is suitable for the position advertised
  • How best to communicate with the applicant in the future
  • Whether the person currently has any emotional problems (maybe caused through their work role)
  • How the applicant’s specific style will fit with the style of others he/she needs to work alongside
  • Amongst other things, what motivates the applicant thereby enabling the employer to know immediately how to ensure the applicant is productive from the start


The Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report provides an insight into the emotions – it identifies stress, insecurity, uncertainty and other issues enabling the employer to ensure they maintain the best communication possible with their team. Other Extended DISC tools such as the Work Pair Analysis, the Team Analysis, and the 360 Programs also contribute to assisting with retention.

  • Choosing the most suitable applicant helps!
  • Focusing on the Present Situation page and specifically the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned is vital information for any employer


The Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report contains a special section that identifies when a team member is not motivated. This section, focuses especially on the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned. If these needs are addressed, the person becomes motivated once again.

  • The report specifies precisely what motivates the person, what his/her fears are, what he/she try to avoid and what their “development areas” are.
  • It also shows their comfort zones, the area in which they can operate with least energy
  • It compares their conscious behavioural style with their unconscious style enabling the measurement of emotions.


Our Process

To learn more about you and your team members and to increase productivity, team engagement and results is simple.

  1. Request a profile
  2. We send you an access code
  3. You conduct the profile online in under 10 minutes
  4. We meet and unpack the profile
  5. You are handed the reports

Our Simple Process