Leadership Development

There is significant emphasis placed on developing an individual’s skill in their area of expertise. For example; professional development days in most industries. Ongoing requirements to increase qualifications from certificate to a diploma to a degree.

They develop their expertise over time from APPRENTICE to TECHNICIAN to MASTER.

The Promoted Master

In many businesses it is often the person with the greatest skill in their area of expertise that is promoted to a leadership role.

Running a team of people is a huge responsibility. Leadership is a skill like any other profession and we can’t expect our experts in their field to step into a leadership role and be an expert at leadership – yet many do.

The Challenge

  • Struggle with the transition
  • Ineffective at communicating
  • Not knowing how to develop or motivate people
  • Micromanage and can’t let go
  • Not holding people accountable
  • Not knowing how to building trust
  • Modelling previous manager’s who may not have been great leaders
  • Staying on ‘the tools’

Many move into this role and receive little to no training or support and can be there for years developing ineffective ways of leading people.

The Cost

The cost of not investing in developing their leadership skills can be high. The result can be lack of communication, misunderstandings, assumptions and judgement of each other. This can lead to stress in the workplace resulting in high staff turnover, increase in sick leave and decrease in productivity. Innovation and ideas diminish and teams are ineffective and the manager doesn’t know what to do.

All of which are directly hitting the bottom line.

The Solution

Invest in your leaders and their teams. The research is in and it shows the more emotionally intelligent a leader is the more effective they and their team will be. Working with me your leaders will develop:

  • Self-awareness and self-confidence so that they can be better equipped to make effective decisions and interact constructively with others
  • The ability to manage their own emotions even in the highly pressured and stressful times
  • The art of effective communication
  • How to engage in meaningful relationships with those around them, ultimately building trust
  • The skill to motivate others by creating a strong team environment and empowering their people to be their best by developing and coaching
  • The ability to hold themselves and others accountable and have the tough conversations with respect

Like any skill, we move through the apprentice into the technician to become the master.

My Approach

Learn | Implement | Make Mistakes | Reflect | Adapt | Repeat

  • I work with your leaders and teams, individually and collectively
  • My training is tailored to your business and your needs
  • I bring multiple tools and concepts that are global and evidence based
  • I come onsite as well as connect digitally
  • I bring hands on training, coaching and facilitation

Completely flexible and tailored to your needs. Anything from a day’s workshop to ongoing training and coaching giving the leaders time to implement, make mistakes, reflect with me, make the change and reset.

There has been a noticeable change in many team members who have learnt to voice their opinions, listen more openly and gain the respect of those around them. Mark Lawry, Partner, SUNTAX

What Sarah Can Do For You

Behavioural Profiling
A Level 2 Accredited Trainer and Consultant in Extended DiSC Behavioural Profiling and Open 360 Feedback – these powerful tools change how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Having conducted 100’s of profiles for leaders and team members, I bring not only my profiling skills but also my thousands of hours of coaching skill and knowledge to every profile unpack.

Learn more about Behavioural Profiling

Leadership and Team Training
Technician to Leader and team Dynamic Training are jam packed with the latest tools that are proven to create positive change in individual and team behaviour leading to greater success.

Engaging participants from start to finish, taking them through the session with interaction, laughter and eye opening insights. Flexible learning including online modules available for the super busy or remote leaders and teams or onsite delivery tailoring to your specific needs.

Learn more about Workshops

Ongoing Coaching
Results and change doesn’t always happen straight away, no matter what people say. Success comes from taking steps, having persistence and resilience and working hard. There is no magic pill.

In the years I have been coaching I have seen that positive change and success comes at different times for different people. In my experience six months is a minimum to really see the rubber hit the road and for most it’s a 12 month or longer journey.

Engaging for the medium to long term gives you the support, accountability, and challenges needed to grow to see embedded change in your leaders.

According to Daniel Goleman, leaders who are coached and mentored repeatedly show better performance by the leader and their teams, increased job satisfaction and decrease in turnover.

I have clients all over Australia so I combine face-to-face visits with zoom or phone calls in-between. You get unlimited email support and a library of resources and connections to bring to your leaders for their development.