Keynote speaker

Sarah is an engaging, entertaining and informative speaker. Drawing on her own experiences and those she has worked with, Sarah tells stories.

The Impossible Becoming Possible

In February 2015 Sarah rode 500km in 5 days in Thailand raising money and awareness for Australian charity Hands Across the Water. Having been a self proclaimed yo yo exerciser and not being on a bike in over 20 years, Sarah believed that this was an impossible task to achieve.

Sarah completed the ride and shares her journey of what she had to confront head on, deal with and overcome to get through this
ride both physically and emotionally. Linking her bike riding journey to that of what every business owner goes through. This keynote is engaging, moving and incredibly inspiring, showing that what we believe to be impossible is always possible.

Our company recently engaged Sarah Valentine to speak at one of our live events, attended by over 320 business owners. I am pleased to say that Sarah’s presentation was extremely well received to the point where I can highly recommend Sarah to others. Her presentation was full of great stories, easy to implement strategies and her delivery was engaging and captivating. Dale Beaumont , Founder & CEO Of Business Blueprint