My Story

In 2002 I met a person who changed my life.

Dione (AKA DT) was the life of the party, compassionate, passionate, gogetter in life, loyal, funny and an all round amazing person.

In a bizarre act of the stars colliding DT and I hit it off like we had known each other forever. In fact people mistook us as sisters at times.

When I met DT she was 33 and recovering from breast cancer. She had a breast removed, radiation and chemo but when she came into my life she was doing really well. What struck me was her attitude. No anger, no poor me, why me….nothing. She had acceptance and an “I’ll beat this and grow from this” attitude.

Fives years later after being healthy, working in her career, becoming our daughter’s God Mum, traveling and generally loving life,Dt and Claire 3 the cancer returned. For a further period of time she was fighting fires with her positive attitude. She knew she was dying but never let that get the better of her.

On December 10, 2008 DT lost her fight with cancer

A hole was left in me and everyone who knew her. She was my second daughter’s godmother who only had a short 2 years with her.

Yes I cried and I was angry that this had happened to her, it wasn’t fair. After 6 months of grieving I woke up one day and thought to myself “What are you doing? DT would slap your face if she was here right now” Get up, get dressed and get on with it! Without trying DT inspired others to be all they could be, she believed the good in everyone, never judged and believed that everyone was capable and deserving of doing what they love.

I knew after DT passed away that I needed to take some of that spirit and share it with others. It took me a few years but I got there in 2011 when I came across coaching. Over the years this led me to behavioural profiling, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. All of which have proven strategies and tools to create positive behaviour.

I heard Simon Sinek say that research has shown that 90% of people go home from work feeling unfulfilled. 90%!! I couldn’t believe it. 

Since 2011 when I started my company, I have been working with people. These people have one thing in common, they all want to live a happy and fulfilling life and they just happen to work in teams, lead teams or own a business. All these people want is to be in an environment where they are heard, validated and where they are respected for who they are. Sadly this isn’t always the case, leading to the 90% of people feeling unfulfilled at work. The impact this has on their health and relationships outside of work is massive.

We can reduce that negative impact by understanding the impact our behaviour and its impact on those around us.

We can reduce that negative impact by caring about people – regardless of our differences

We can reduce that negative impact by giving our leaders the tools to empower their people

Over my work life I have been in jobs that have given me a means to an end, had a career climbing the corporate ladder in a non-fulfilling, lack of care company to now a calling to make significant change in the world – one leader at a time.