In February 2015 Sarah rode 500 kilometres over 5 days through Thailand for Australian charity Hands Across the Water. Having not ridden a bike in over 20 years Sarah knew she had taken on a challenge of a lifetime. What she didn’t realise at the time she said yes to the bike ride was the parallel it has with running a business.

Becoming absolutely clear on the purpose, overcoming fear, procrastination and self sabotage, understanding who you really are and building a team around you, setting clear goals and resilience for when ‘stuff’ happens out of the blue and the impact of what we do on those around us. All of this Sarah has lived personally not just in her own business, but in a challenge of a lifetime. Just like running a business it all comes down to growing ourselves to facilitate growth in the business.

Sarah is penning a book on this topic and will be published by the end on 2015. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this then register your interest here

Over the years Sarah has worked through considerable challenges with her clients. Some of these challenges include

  • Coming to a decision to close the business
  • Moving team members to become leaders
  • Rebranding the entire business
  • Dynamics of a family business
  • Not paying an income to ourselves
  • Issues with “the tax man”

Sometimes stuff happens in our personal life that can have a large impact on our performance and therefore the business. Some of Sarah’s clients have experienced marriage breakdowns, death in the family and personal illness. Sarah is an independent and confidential sounding board offering support and at times says the things that we may not want to hear but know we need to.

Sarah knows challenges and always sees them as an opportunity to grow and learn.