Ongoing Coaching

Results and change doesn’t always happen straight away, no matter what people say. Success comes from taking steps, having persistence and resilience and working hard. There is no magic pill.

Sarah has worked with many businesses over a number of years and has seen that positive change and success comes over a period of time. In Sarah’s experience six months is a minimum to really see the rubber hit the road and for most it’s a 12 month or longer journey.

Engaging Sarah for the medium to long term gives you the support, accountability and challenges needed to grow to where you want the business to grow to. Sarah is there, one on one nurturing you, your team and your business. She doesn’t do webinars or generic workbooks for the masses, she listens to you and your challenges that are unique and deserve one on one attention.

Sarah has clients all over Australia and combines face-to-face visits with skype or phone calls in-between. She offers unlimited email support and has a library of resources and connections to bring to your business.


Chris and her team at Looking Smart

“Over the last 10 years of running my business I had sought, looked and asked for help but not much was resonating and getting me profitable sales. I was feeling quite lost, frustrated and stupid for starting a business. Then I met Sarah. After
listening to Sarah for 12 months I realised she had something different to offer me. I only had hope and anticipation I would learn and gain  something to improve my business. I was very excited and passionate about doing more with Sarah, as I was beginning to awaken lots in me that had shut down for years.

Sarah’s frankness, honesty, no bullshit style, tell it as it is approach is refreshing. I think differently, my positivity came back and I now have clarity, purpose and vision that I apply to anything I do. My business is systemized, we are in the black and I am on the pathway to significantly reducing my hours in the business yet still making a profit.

I recommend a one on one private session with Sarah first, for many of my contacts, when they ask about how I am going business wise.  This type of session was the most valuable to unlock the blockages that were hindering me moving to a better way of thinking, and a better way to move towards a profitable business.”

Chris Carnaby Looking Smart, Ocean Grove, VIC