Leadership and Team Workshops

Technician to Leader and Team Dynamic Training is jam packed with the latest tools that are proven to create positive change in individual and team behaviour.

Technician to Leader

The technician to leader program is a series of workshops designed for any leader that is either new in their role or is a technical expert that has not been given the leadership tools required to create out performing teams.

There are 5 Modules in the program:

Leadership Essentials

What is the fundamental difference between a leader and a manager? What are leadership styles and different levels and what is expected at these different levels. Know where you are and what you need to develop to move through the levels effectively.

Self Awareness

The most successful leaders have self awareness of their behaviour and its impact on others. Understanding what we are naturally good at, our values and how we manage our energy in all situations are the foundation that leaders build from.

Self Management

How we manage our emotions, time and energy will determine the success we have as a leader and the success our team will have. This module focuses on strategies for managing our emotions (especially when under pressure) how to remain goal focused, and gives highly effective time management tools.

Building Connections

You cannot get the best out of others if you don’t build trust, connect and care about them and I mean really care – from a place of authenticity, compassion and empathy. Knowing how to communicate with different people so you are speaking to them is a skill many leaders don’t have – this module delves into communication and what it really means and ways to be a great communicator.

Managing The Team

Conflict is normal, its how we manage it that is critical to managing relationships. This module provides frameworks for training, coaching and managing conflict with your team members. Giving the ingredients into how a highly functional successful teams are created.

Sarah’s ability to challenge the leadership thought process was every impressive. Identifying some of the most simple and effective personal changes to make to become a better leader was great. Great vibe, lots of laughs and plenty of food for thought. Kyle, RIPCURL


Like any investment in business you want a return. These are some of the results you will get from investing in your  Leaders.

  • Self-awareness and self-confidence so that they can be better equipped to make effective decisions and interact constructively with others
  • The ability to manage their own emotions even in the highly pressured and stressful times
  • The art of effective communication
  • How to engage in meaningful relationships with those around them, ultimately building trust
  • The skill to motivate others by creating a strong team environment and empowering their people to be their best by developing and coaching
  • The ability to hold themselves and others accountable and have the tough conversations with respect




Team Dynamic Training gives your team members a deep understanding on how we communicate, how we all see things differently (and that’s ok) and how we can develop deep trust and respect within the team.

Shining the light on individual strengths, aligning them to their role and bringing purpose to what they do.




Like any investment in business you want a return. These are some of the results you will get from investing in your  teams.

  • Align the team to the business Mission, Vision, Values and direction
  • Have personal accountability and hold each other accountable to what we do
  • Understand and value personal difference and diversity
  • Engage in constructive, non-judgemental communication and feedback with each other
  • Create team standards, boundaries and goals.



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What Sarah Can Do For You


All training can be delivered onsite and online is coming soon. The training can be done in 2 hour blocks over a period of time to embed the learning, or can be done over 1, 2 or 3 day workshop – depending on how deep you want to go.

What works really well?

Create a Leadership Development Strategy where the training is combined with individual leadership coaching. Why? Because this fast tracks the learning for the leader and you will see noticeable behavioural changes sooner. Recommended over a minimum 6 month period.

Tailor Made

I always like to get to know the business and its current challenges. That way I can tailor the program to suit YOUR business. You may have distinct skill gap in certain areas that are critical for the business, so we would focus on filling those gaps first.

All businesses need good leadership and clear expectations and Sarah is an excellent presenter who works well with all personalities and behaviours. Sarah gives a very personalised service and demonstrates that she really cares about the company.” Deb Ryan, Owner Complete Kids ELC

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Evidence Based

The models, tools and strategies I deliver have all been proven to create positive change. They are adapted from Positive Psychology, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek’s research, Patrick Lencioni  and more. I have brought my experience, education and learnings together to create positive change in our businesses.

There is a lot of evidence that says increased stress in the workplace creates higher sick leave, higher turnover of staff and decrease in productivity – all costing the business time and money BUT the cost for the individual is more.

We know stress makes us sick, forgetful and unproductive. It also has huge impact on our relationships and health. I am determined to diminish stress in the workplace by equipping our leaders and teams with the tools to help achieve a happy workplace.

When we have leaders who have developed emotional intelligence skills the impact is significant on the people they are leading. Self awareness and self management, empathy, compassion, care and developing people all assist in decreasing stress and creating a happier more productive teams.