I Said Yes to WHAT?

I Said Yes to WHAT?

Who would have thought – after more than 20 years of not riding a bike that I would say “YES I will ride 500km’s in 5 days- IN THAILAND!!!”

So what compelled me, having recently turned 40to say YES?

I sat at a business conference in April 2014 where they talked about the opportunity to make a difference. They talked about where 30 riders had already made a $180,000 difference…here was an opportunity to make an even bigger difference.

So what was it that made me say yes – a ‘non-rider’, a self proclaimed “yo-yo” exerciser!

It was the simple opportunity to make a difference in young children’s lives. I am a mother of two girls 8 and 11. To hear that children this age and younger have no family, many living with HIV, in conditions that are disempowering and inhumane was heartbreaking. I knew this was happening in the world but it is all so overwhelming – how can I change the world, where do I begin?

Hands Across the Water is an Australian charity that gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand. Their projects are tailored to meet local communities’ needs – for the long term. Their work is focused on improving the lives of the kids and their communities today and in the future. This is where I begin!

It is this that compelled me to take massive action. What I love about this charity is that EVERY CENT I raise goes to the kids and their communities – not a cent goes to administration, marketing, staffing etc.

So in February 2015 I will be putting my body on the line for these young children. Already the community support has been beyond words.

Our children have so much support, love, encouragement and opportunity to be all they can be in this life….these young Thai children do not – there is simply no choice. We must give them a voice, we must give them the opportunity and we simply must send the message that they are valued and beautiful.