Lost in a world of procrastination!

Lost in a world of procrastination!

Procrastination! Interesting term really. We all know what it means and I am guessing we have all been guilty of ‘doing’ it every now and then. More frequently for some than others.

Having worked with 100’s of business owners I have seen almost everything and one theme that appears all too frequently is the art of procrastination. It is often disguised as something else mind you. It can be I don’t have time, I am too busy, I am a mother, I don’t have the money, resources, people….. blah blah blah. All of it is simply reason’s to defend procrastination.

In saying that, most of the time the business owner doesn’t realize they are procrastinating until it is highlighted to them. But it’s more than that. Procrastination in my experience is actually a deeper fear – procrastination is the behavior resulting from feeling the fear.

So fundamentally fear is the good old crocodile brain going into fight, flight or freeze. I believe procrastination is the person operating in a state of freeze. There is no moving away or towards anything, we just stay in a holding pattern. We often keep telling ourselves that we want more but our behavior holds us back and we find a whole lot of reason’s why we are not achieving what we want to achieve, but fundamentally are not happy.

How do we overcome this state of fear disguised as procrastination? There are a lot of strategies, however my number one is to find a mission and set goals worth fighting for and a mission and goals that you simply must get out of bed for.

Be sure to tell others about your mission and goals – in fact go ahead and post it on Facebook, or send an email to your friends who you know will hold you accountable to what you say.