How to find your mission in 3 easy steps

How to find your mission in 3 easy steps

It’s very interesting, most business owners I have worked with get really stuck on how to create their mission. We live in such a ‘doing’ and ‘implementation’ world that to stop and go to the higher purpose can be a struggle for some people.

So I thought I would put together the three easy steps to at least get you started in discovering your mission. Before you start go and grab some butches paper or a whiteboard, pop your favourite music on and get in a creative space.

As I just mentioned, make sure you are in a creative space. When we try and force ourselves to ‘write our mission statement’ our head just seems to go blank.

  1. Think about why you do what you do, why did you get up this morning to work, who are the people you serve in your business and what do they experience or get by buying from you, what do you give them. Here’s an example, a physiotherapist doesn’t just assist in removing pain, the physiotherapist gives the patient their ability to live a pain free life again, maybe that means getting back on the golf course, lifting their children, getting a solid nights sleep. It is more than the pushing and prodding in the clinic room.
  2. Now, I want you to start writing down everything you are thinking about in simple words or sentences. I want you to ask yourself “what else?”, “what’s the purpose?”, “what does it give me, the client, the community?”. Keep going and do this over a few days or a week, even ask your clients and team what they see the mission as – you may be surprised.
  3. Once you have exhausted all your ideas step back and have a look at your whiteboard or butches paper. As you look at it and cross things out that don’t resonate and circle those that you do. You will start to see a theme emerge. This theme is the foundation of your mission, you can write it into a compelling sentence, or use individual words. For example Apple “Think Different”.

I find this can take some time and needs to be revisited regularly to ensure it is inline with your goals and your values. I also have found it is great to have someone with you, guiding you and asking you the questions to challenge your thinking.

Once you have it you will feel such clarity! Enjoy the journey.