What it takes

What it takes

We all have dreams. We all want to live a great life. To do this we need to learn the tools to change our gears. Sometimes we need to adapt quickly other times we can slow it down. To get the results we want in our life, the inner gears must be strong and easy to change.

I wish for nothing more than for people to live their truth, whatever that may be. I work with business owners over the country and have such admiration for them. They have chosen to change their gears and start a business, to follow their dream or their passion. It is not always easy and not everyone succeeds, but if we don’t take a chance then how will we know.

We cannot lead others, be it in our business, our course or our life, if we can’t lead ourselves. Taking ownership of that is truly liberating. I actually change the word ownership to Own Your Shit! I make no apologies for being direct. We have to know when it is our monkey and our circus and own it. Take responsibility. No one else was going to do it for you.

What does it take to achieve what you may once think is unachievable? It takes knowing your why, your purpose, your mission. Know why you are doing it and be super clear and super driven by it. If your why doesn’t excite you then it is not going to excite anyone. The why gets you up in the morning.

What does it take to achieve what you may once think is unachievable? It takes knowing what you stand for. Knowing your values, principles, and virtues. Are they good for you, are they good for those around you and are they good for the greater good? Do they serve you? Are they kind, resourceful and respectful? Do they hold you back or propel you forward? Are they a positive beacon or not? My values set my standards. My values make it easy to make a decision. What are your values? Do they translate into your business? Do you know what they mean? How will you know you are living them – in business and in life?

What does it take to achieve what you may once think is unachievable? Set the goals. Break them down. Step by step. Are the goals realistic, are they specific. Have you made the goal crystal clear? Is it challenging you? We grow when we are challenged. If we want different results in our life then we need to do something different. Do the goals stretch you? I like to call it an UTM! An undie tightening moment!! Where you look at the goal and squirm just a bit! But you know you must achieve it.

What does it take to achieve what you may once think is unachievable? You have to know yourself. Know you strengths and know that perhaps you’re not amazing at everything (even if you think you are, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re not). Develop the areas you need to and work towards filling them with other people who hold your development areas as strengths. Build a team who raise you higher not shoot you down. The people around you are a direct reflection of you! Be very aware of who you hang out with.

What does it take to achieve what you may once think is unachievable? Overcome that wretched thing called fear!!! Look at it, acknowledge it, and know it’s there to keep you safe and to protect you and then move on! Have complete awareness when it comes to procrastinating, self-sabotaging and all those annoying roadblock behaviours that rear their head to stop you in your tracks from moving forward!! Don’t navel gaze for too long, it’s exhausting and it’s not moving you forward. Also, when we overcome some of those ‘fears’ we realise that the mountain isn’t that big after all.

The most important in all of this is having total awareness that everything you do, every decision you make, every action you take has a ripple effect that goes far beyond what you can ever possibly imagine.  I never imagined the impact my decision to ride would have on others. Good or bad there is always a ripple. Be sure the ripple in you business or life is positive, is full of good intention and impacts people you may never meet in an inspiring way. At the risk of sounding contrived it really is what will change the world.