Bec Lethbridge

Owner Ivy Creations, Queenscliff

I had heard from a close friend, who like me was a business owner, about Sarah Valentine. My friend told me that I had to meet her and start working with her, I had seen the growth in my friend who had been working with Sarah in a very short time frame and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I need to meet this lady!’

In my head I knew what I needed help with in the beginning from Sarah – I wanted to be a better leader, grow my business, become more profitable and learn how to better handle my team and clients.

When I started working with Sarah my mind was blown away at how knowledgeable Sarah was, how well she could read me and she was telling me things about myself that I didn’t even know I was doing.

A few months after I began working with Sarah I started setting 90day goals and achieving them and I began educating myself through reading specific business books that she had recommended. I really loved that Sarah was challenging me to think differently, to look at situations with a wider perspective.

In business at times it can be a little lonely, you are the one that is at the top and its nice to have someone in your circle that you can bounce ideas off. Whilst I have been working with Sarah it has been so great to have someone to be accountable to.

For me working with Sarah hasn’t all been just business related- it’s been personal too. In 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident that removed me from my business for 3 months whilst I recovered. During that time my staff ran my business and I had to get myself well enough to return to work and step back into my role as the business owner. I suffered with vertigo, post traumatic stress and other brain related injuries such as memory loss and a lack of concentration. As I got stronger I realised that I really needed help not just as a business owner, but emotionally as well. Sarah provided me with specific NLP sessions during this time, she helped with my post-tramitic stress in teaching me ways to cope and it was extremely successful for me.

Having Sarah as my business coach has shaped me, stretch me outside my comfort zone and assisted my journey in ways I didn’t even think was possible. Recently I re-branded and renovated my business Ivy Creations, I never thought that I would re-brand my logo and step out to change what we have had for the past five years. Sarah was the one that recognised that the business was ready to go to the next level and having Sarah along side me through the process was amazing. Her honestly is what I love the most, she calls it like it is and always offers her advise or recommends a different alternative. I highly recommend Sarah to any business owner or individual who is prepared to work hard and design a life you love and are happy with.

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