Brooke Calcagno

Owner Streetwise Driver Training, Gold Coast, QLD

Prior to working with Sarah I was worried that coaching would challenge my status quo and that I would have to invest in myself and this would mean ‘more time’ which overwhelmed me to start with.

I knew I had to spend more time on my business rather than in it, and it did take me quite some time to enable this however once I did I began to see the changes in my business particularly in terms of streamlining it. Having Sarah take me on a birds eye flight over my business assisted me in adjusting the systems, processes and values to suit my growth and direction.

I love Sarah’s tenacity, honest and holistic approach to her advice, and of course her sense of humour at how it all works, she knows when to hit hard and knows also when to slow down and allow me to take on new information, this guidance is immeasurable!

I didn’t think it would work as well as it did as I thought I knew my business better than anyone and felt that I was doing the best that I could therefore how could anyone help me improve when I’m “working so hard”!

I found that through the process Sarah identified the areas of my business where I wasn’t being as resourceful as I could be. Hence this is where I have found the biggest difference in my approach to my business.  Having a degree, I also thought I was academic enough to understand small business, but this alone was not enough so Sarah was able to show me other common sense approaches to various facets of my business.

I was concerned about being able to afford business coaching, given I didn’t seem to have any spare money, nor able to pay myself a massive salary, but I knew I needed to invest in this in order to make the changes I knew I needed but didn’t know how.

To ensure you make the most of your time with Sarah and are committed to your own outcomes, payment for such a service reaps far greater rewards.

The three biggest benefits I have found from working with Sarah have been learning how to systemise and simplify processes/procedures and HR issues, having her identify my strengths and weaknesses to build upon and learning how to take away the emotion and look at the business more as an entity that needs directing rather than part of my soul!

I would describe Sarah as highly professional and resourceful and informative.  She specialises in working with the person, getting you out of your own way to allow the business to grow. She is highly supportive and objective and calls it how it is.

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