Chris Carnaby

Looking Smart, Ocean Grove, VIC

Over the last 10 years of running my business I had sought, looked and asked for help but not much was resonating and getting me profitable sales. I was feeling quite lost, frustrated and stupid for starting a business. Then I met Sarah. After listening to Sarah for 12 months I realised she had something different to offer me. I only had hope and anticipation I would learn and gain something to improve my business. I was very excited and passionate about doing more with Sarah, as I was beginning to awaken lots in me that had shut down for years.

Sarah’s frankness, honesty, no bullshit style, tell it as it is approach is refreshing. I think differently, my positivity came back and I now have clarity, purpose and vision that I apply to anything I do. My business is systemised, we are in the black and I am on the pathway to significantly reducing my hours in the business yet still making a profit.

I recommend a one on one private session with Sarah first, for many of my contacts, when they ask about how I am going business wise.  This type of session was the most valuable to unlock the blockages that were hindering me moving to a better way of thinking, and a better way to move towards a profitable business.

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