Elicia Crook

Owner Ocean Grove Remedial Massage Clinic

I have been working with Sarah for  18 months. In this time I have faced many challenges in my business and life that has seen my business grow, hit rock bottom and be rebuilt from the ground up to now include 7 wonderful employees that are a values match to my business.

I am clear on my outcome, I know who I want to work with and who I want to attract to my business.  I had run my business for over 10 years prior to working with Sarah and did not achieve the success that I am now experiencing. I have learned the skills necessary to lead a strong team and make great decisions based on what outcome I am looking for . Sarah has helped me find the courage I needed to do this.

I also invited Sarah to do some staff development training with my team. We have done several of these and each one has been incredibly valuable to the staff who attended.  They are incredibly informative, inspirational and professional. Each one has left us with practical things that we can implement in the business and personally that day!

One of my life long goals has been to lead a team of Health Professionals that want to help others and want to grow themselves.  Sarah has helped my to achieve this goal by teaching me the tools and maturity that I needed.

Thank you Sarah.

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