Becoming The Creator

Becoming The Creator

How does one continually create and evolve in their own business? This is a question I push to answer on a daily basis and I push my clients to also answer daily. The old saying if you’re not growing you’re dying really does stand to be true.

There are 4 places we can sit when it comes to how we approach our business and our life. Let me attempt to explain this….. We will either sit on a line somewhere near knowledge or somewhere near ignorance. We will also sit on another line somewhere near action or somewhere near non-action. Here are the 4 quadrants we can live in – remember all are by choice.


The Gambler general sits close to ignorance but does a lot of action. Why is this gambling? Well essentially action without some pre-thought, research, knowledge can lead to costly mistakes.

  1. CYNIC

Ignorance and no action! The one who generally sits in fear, does nothing but will be the one who lets you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. These are the ones who try and hold us back because of their own internal fear of not wanting to step out of the comfortable known place!


The dreamer is what I call the “knowledge hoarder”. They know a lot and may be very wise but do nothing with it. They aspire to be more, to do more but never act on that knowledge.


Knowledge and action! This is where the magic happens. Those who keep learning, being around mentors, like minded people, read books AND implement what they learn. Not afraid to do something new, something different.

So are you a Creator in your business? Or do you sometimes slide in and out of the others? Continual learning, implementing, testing and teaching is the key to growing yourself and your business.

Until next time – go forth and create!!!