Business owner? Then you must be a leader!

Business owner? Then you must be a leader!

Are you a business owner? If you are then you simply must be a leader. However before you can lead a business or people you must be leading yourself.

Over the years of working with business owners I have discovered a common theme, and that is the will to be a leader but the lack of knowing how. Many people also want the top tips on leading a business and leading others and the bottom line is, I can give you all the tips in the world – if we don’t start with ourselves then the tips are useless.

Are people born to be a self leader and leader of others – I don’t know the scientific answer to that. What I do know is that I have seen enough evidence to suggest that when we have awareness within ourselves a leader emerges. So what do we need to be aware of?

I have identified 5 fundamentals to self leadership. These 5 fundamentals are the basis for creating a business and life that we desire, it also creates momentum and energy around us that others want to be a part of, therefore leading others.

Leading others however is inspiring others to be all they can be, not telling people what to do. So what are the fundamentals?

  1. Why?

Why do we do what we do? What is our legacy? What is our mission? A self leader has absolute clarity on their purpose and it is one that is for the greater community not themselves. It comes from the heart not the head. It sits in a space of contributing not taking.

  1. Knowing me, Knowing you!

Understanding who we are, our strengths, our development areas and our blind spots is critical to self leadership. Understanding others, knowing we are not all the same, we are not all like each other is also imperative. The ability to communicate with all different types of people leads to greater success and greater ability to inspire all.

  1. You’re kidding me!!

FEAR!!! We all have it, we all experience it, what do we do with it?? I often talk about the UTM! The undie tightening moment. The mission and goals must be a little bit terrifying! They must give us a moment of “What am I doing?” And “Can I really do it?” The power is moving through it. Fight, Flight or Freeze is all natural instinct, developing strategies to propel us through the fear creates self leadership.

  1. Own your S#%^

Boy – I am sick of hearing people blaming the world for the life they are living! Why? Because we choose our life, we choose our circumstance. And until we get that concept and take 100% responsibility you are a follower not a leader!

  1. What’s next?

The mission must grow, there must be more. A self leader knows they control and create their life, they are responsible for the results (and non-results) they get in their life. So its important as a self leader that as we move towards achieving the mission, the mission must get bigger. It’s the ripple effect. The greater the mission the more impact you have on your community.