How to Systemise your Business in 5 Easy Steps

It can seem like an overwhelming task. The task you know has to be done. If it’s not done you know you can’t take the business to the next level. That task is systemising!! When I talk to some of my clients about systemising their business I see a blank look of horror come over their face and I know they have just gone into overwhelm.

It can seem like a huge task to go through the business and start systemising, so here are some tips for you to hopefully make the process a little less overwhelming and a lot more easier than expected.


I recommend that my clients create chapters to a book. In other words break the business down into the key departments. These may include; finance, human resources, sales, marketing, operations, logistics, OH & S, production and so on.


Within each chapter start to create sections. These may be for example under finance; accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, purchase orders, reconciliation, reporting.


Once you have done this for all the key departments it’s now time to prioritise. Work out what is the most important system that needs to be documented. It may be the system for the task you want to outsource, or the system for OH & S as team members may be at risk, it may be the checklist for opening the business in the morning – lights on, music, door mat, register etc.


Start creating the systems BUT the best way to do that is as you are doing the task. If it is invoicing day then dedicate the time to documenting the system as you do the invoicing.


The mere thought of writing up a whole heap of systems can cause some people to have conniptions (me included). So here’s the easy way.

  • Video your systems on screen by using Jing, Screenr, CamStudio. Or use your smart phone to video the non-computer systems (like how to make a the perfect coffee)
  • Store them on YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast
  • Have the video transcribed offshore through or
  • Create Checklists
  • Create a Google Site for all your systems and control who sees what

We are in the ‘cloud’ age so why not get with the times and use the amazing resources that are available and many of them are free and you are carrying them around in your pocket all the time.

See, it’s not that overwhelming or that hard. Just break it down, prioritise and use the resources that are available to you. You never know – it could even be fun!