Reflect, Review and Propel into 2016

I don’t like to point out the obvious but we are rapidly approaching the end of 2015. I have no idea where the time has gone, yet this seems to happen every year. We get to mid November and it suddenly dawns on me we are literally only weeks away from Christmas.

It is so important in business to stop and celebrate the wins and learn from the challenges before looking towards the next year. Here is a quick guide that will give the tools to reflect and review your 2015.

1.There is more to life than business

When reflecting and reviewing it is always a good idea to look at all areas of you life because sometimes we can focus too much on one and other areas get neglected. Areas to look at include, but not limited to wealth creation, business, health and well being, travel, relationships and education.

2. What are the wins?

Write down all the little and big wins you have had over the past year. You should end up with a long list. This will show you evidence that you have made progress in certain areas of your life and business. Don’t dismiss the small wins either, it is the sum of small efforts that creates the success. Also if you haven’t already, do a quick analysis of why it was a success, what did you do that made it successful. If it was a marketing campaign that had a big return then take note of that as it may be something you do again next year.

3. What have the challenges been and what have you learnt?

If we don’t look at the challenges and how we overcame them then we are not learning. We also want to review why the challenge appeared in the first place and what can be put in place to prevent it from happening again in the future.

4. What area of your business has been neglected or not had enough attention?

There seems to always be an area of everyones business that is not looked at like the other areas. Is it marketing, sales, bookkeeping, HR, safety, logistics? Dig deep and be honest. Then ask yourself the question WHY? Why are you neglecting it? Is it an area that doesn’t matter? Is it an area you are not very knowledgable or confident in? Is it an area you know you need to look at but simply don’t like it? Once you can identify why you have avoided it you can put in place a solution. For example hire someone with the expertise, get rid of it if it isn’t relevant, learn some new skills so you can confidently look at the area.

5. What’s next?

Note down what’s next, what areas do you want to maintain in 2016, focus on and improve. What are you going to STOP doing in 2016? What has caused you challenges this year that you need to let go of before we start 2016?

Keep your notes somewhere that you can reference later. In my next blog I will go through how to set up 2016 from the get go.

Enjoy your time of reviewing and reflecting. We don’t want to spend too much time looking in the review mirror, however it is so important to do these exercises. We want to celebrate our wins, learn from our challenges and step into 2016 with clear intention of what we want to achieve.