The thing about me is…

The thing about me is…. I am unique, I see the big picture, I say what I think, I can chat and get along with most people, sometimes I come across as direct, I am quick at making a decision, I can have 5 conversations at once and keep up with all of them!

The thing is not everyone is like me (that’s a good thing I hear you say). Some people are slower at making a decision, want all the detail, want others to be comfortable and feel at home, love processes and systems, are quietly spoken and crave time on their own to recharge the batteries.

The thing is, everyone is different but there are some similar behaviours and characteristics that can help us understand ourselves better and identify and connect with others in a far more profound way.

I encourage all my clients to undertake a behavioural profiling test. I am accredited in the Extended DiSC tool and I cannot stress how important it is to have as much understanding about your strengths, development areas and blind spots. It has served me enormously knowing my gaps to allow me to learn to do better in those areas.

We are all different and there is a need for all types of people. Not just those who are like us. The differences in us is what makes the world go around.

I have been able to use this awareness in my business. Repetitive tasks, admin and sitting still for too long are not my strong points. I have learnt to do it and I can do it. As my business grew I knew that  I would replace these areas by someone else who loves that stuff. So I now have Kylie. The best way to describe us a working team is I am at the front of the room and she is behind the scenes making it all happen.

We seem to judge a person far too quickly, this is a survival instinct we have to ensure we are safe, but these days we are judging more about the persons ‘personality’ as opposed to ‘am I in danger’. When we understand the different behavioural types we can ‘judge’ the person for who they are and connect with them, even though they may not be ‘like’ us.

We are all different and have all come from different environments, formulated different beliefs and values and have all had different experiences and all have different behavioural styles. There is no right or wrong, just different.

Is it time to get to know yourself (and others) a little bit better?